Updates to The Online Dating Sites Guide

8 March 2021: Dating Sites With Apps Now Identified

I haven't seen many other dating site directories do this, but at The Online Dating Sites Guide you can now view sites that have an Apple or Android (Google) App available. At some point I'll add in some screening to ensure that the Apps are actually authorised by either Apple or Google. Remember that while websites are fairly well policed these days (thanks to browsers like Firefox and Chrome), the Apps business is still a wild west, especially when it comes to data privacy.

Other updates:

  • Sites without an SSL certificate (https) are now very heavily demoted. SSL certificates are now available for free (like the one we use on this website) so there is absolutely no excuse for a dating site to not use one. Do not register for any site not using SSL (you can see the padlock in the address bar of your browser).
  • I've added a master list page of dating sites with affiliate schemes.
  • More direct links to popular categories pages have added to the top menu.
  • Site summaries will now start appearing on site details pages.
  • I've added many more dating sites! My aim is to fill up the initial 88 categories of dating site, then add as many other categories as I can find.

6 March 2021: The Online Dating Sites Guide is Open For Business

Hi everybody!

I am pleased to announce that redevelopment has begun on The Online Dating Sites Guide. There's not too much here yet but I have some amazing plans for this place.

I registered this domain name almost 10 years ago and it has sat as a neglected WordPress dating advice blog since 2012. My plan is to turn it into a dating site directory and source of useful information on online dating.