About The Online Dating Sites Guide

Welcome to The Online Dating Sites Guide. This site aims to be the #1 Internet resource for information about online dating sites (and apps).

Way back in 2013 I built Find A Forum listings site to replace the ever popular Big Boards (www.big-boards.com) that closed down for some reason.

The Online Dating Sites Guide is a spin-off from this directory site. It's basically more of the same thing, but I learnt a tonne while making Find A Forum so The Online Dating Sites Guide has more automation, and more useful data. Of course you can just search Google or Bing to find dating sites, but for all their commercial might, the search results aren't that overly amazing. For example I had to wade through several pages of results while finding all the Veggie & Vegan sites to add to the index. The big search engines don't tell you other details about dating sites either, like how long they have been in business for, whether they're owned by corporations (with more accountability) and whether they have a mobile app available.

So what can you do on The Online Dating Sites Guide?

  • First and foremost, this site is a directory of dating sites, so if you want to find a partner with shared values, then you can explore many of the different dating niches we have here.
  • If you run a dating site or a relationship blog then this site is a great place to find ideas, from site design, to how to move into the huge market for mobile dating apps.
  • You can also find dating advice tips from our own articles as well as sites with a dating tips videos on YouTube.
  • Use the advanced search to find exactly the dating site that will appeal to you.
  • Make connections in the huge online dating industry by using the advanced search to find sites that have an affiliate scheme, use influencers and more.

As the site gains more traffic, I'll try and use my knowledge of the online dating industry to add more useful features, like the ability to check for scammers. As well as being a long time user of online dating sites, I did also run my own self-built dating site for 6 years, during which time I gained first hand experience of the problems associated with dating sites, from scammers to jerks.

So I hope you find this site useful and if you have any comments or suggestions then drop me an email at brett@brettb.com.

BrettB, 05.03.2021