Searching for desi singles? Try Indian Cupid!

Indian Cupid – Meet Indian Singles Online

If you’re looking for a partner of Indian origin then one of the top online dating sites is Indian Cupid. Here’s some information about Indian Cupid, and how this dating site can help you find your dream partner online. Indian Cupid is specifically designed to allow NRI Indians the chance to meet potential partners online. […]

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10 Ways I Stopped Scammers From Ruining My Dating Site!

Hi, I’m Brett. I started my own dating site in May 2012. Pretty soon, I realised that scammers would be a huge problem. So I made it my total priority to keep them off my site! In this article I’ll share with you the solutions I put in place to keep the site scammer free. […]

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Video dating can be fun, as long as you don't run out of things to say...

Online Video Dating

The Internet is rapidly becoming THE place to meet new people and start new relationships. One area of online dating that’s really taking off is video dating. Many dating sites offer video dating options, such as the ability to upload videos, or participate in live chat sessions through the site. There are also other technologies […]

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Where are the best foreign ladies? I think they're in China!

Foreign Ladies – Do They Make Good Brides?

Look on discussion forums like Happier Abroad and you’ll hear a lot from guys who are fed up with American women and think a better option is to look for a bride overseas. So is the overseas option worthwhile? And which foreign ladies are the best? If you’re new to the world of international dating […]

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Russian ladies... tall, beautiful and lovely.

Hot Russian Ladies!

Many men who are interested in second time around dating like the idea of finding a foreign bride. Of all the foreign ladies, Russian ladies are maybe the most popular (although they get some big competition from Asian girls). So is it worthwhile looking for a hot Russian lady, or are you better off dating […]

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Single? Want a life partner? Veggie dating sites could be the place for you...

Vegetarian Online Dating

There’s more to online dating than or eHarmony. In fact, one area of online dating that’s really booming these days is niche dating. And just one of the many online dating niches is Veggie Dating. These veggie dating sites have been designed to cater for anyone who’s a vegetarian, a vegan, a raw foodist, […]

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Age profile of an Asian themed international dating site

Dating Sites With Younger Women for Older Men

Which are good dating sites for older men interested in chatting to or dating younger women? International dating sites are a good place to look! Below is the age range chart for the international relationships site I run. This chart shows the spread of ages from the site’s membership base. (click to embiggen the chart) […]

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Ratio of men, women and transgender members on a dating site

The Ratio of the Genders on Dating Sites

A few people seem to be interested in what the ratio between the sexes are on dating sites. Many dating sites are pretty secretive about their data, especially as regards the size of their membership base. I remember watching a CNBC TV show about online dating. A guy from eHarmony was interviewed, and he was […]

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Dating Sites Are Depressing!

Are dating sites depressing? Well they are for a lot of people! Take a look at the chart below. It shows data I generated from the membership base of my own dating site, Asian Love Connections. The chart shows the number of profile views each member of the site has received. It shows that less […]

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10 Tips for Better Online Dating

Online dating has revolutionised the singles dating scene. There are now a wide variety of dating sites catering for all ages and tastes. Here are some top online dating tips for more successful online dating… The first online dating tip is to use a subscription site rather than a free dating site. While PlentyOfFish is […]

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